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Domestic VPN access
We provide to the customer’s VPN service can be encrypted communications through a special link in our Data Center in Hong Kong and then by the Data Center for Internet connection, which can not be solved in the country to some of the web pages in Hong Kong or abroad, such as (Yahoo HK, Apple Daily, Facebook) and other web pages
Virtual Private Network - Your private tunnel
First telecommunications program of professional consultants can help you with today’s popular network technologies - virtual private network (VPN), on the Internet, the establishment of a dedicated part of your information flow tunnels, thus effectively ensure the privacy of data transmission and security.

VPN suitable for:
* More than one office or chain-type customers
* Often need to connect at home office customers
* Often went abroad to meetings or mobility customers

VPN to attract large commercial and industrial customers of the advantages:
• You can effectively and quickly connect multiple office, home and mobile workers
• You can always change the security level of services to meet different application requirements


Voice Over IP Solution - Without having to pay IDD Telephone Charges

Without having to pay IDD telephone charges
Exemption from Hong Kong to China’s IDD charges
Exemption from China to Hong Kong’s IDD charges
Suitable for Chinese or overseas offices, branch offices, factories or partners of Hong Kong enterprises or individuals Renshi

Easy to use, voice clarity

From Hong Kong to power in China or overseas
Any place in Hong Kong to the power of your office in China or overseas
Available from your cell phone to the power of Hong Kong to your office in China or overseas

Electricity from China or overseas to Hong Kong
Available from your office in China or overseas, to electricity to any place in Hong Kong
Available from your office in China or overseas, to electricity to any Hong Kong mobile phone
Can be connected to telephone exchange (PABX), direct access to writing desk on the phone call, like call as convenient inside

Installation requirements
Hong Kong does not install
In China or overseas offices need to have at least 1.5M to download and 512KB upload broadband Internet services

* Hong Kong without the need for installation
* All prices subject to final offer

To apply
Go to the electricity to our customer service department inquiries

Tel: (852) 2889 7077



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