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Network set up
Network Planning and erection works - perfect information network
The first telecommunications program of professional advisers will recognize the customer’s investment in network technology focus, we especially focus on the integration of network hardware and technical nature. Our engineering technicians in an industry more ten years, large and small projects so that they filter the plot of the rich and deep experience. From the normal server cabinet installation to Zhinian multi-storey buildings in floor laying fiber-optic backbone, we are engineering technicians, service and proper hand has always been known for a steady, and received the credentials of a number of professional skills. At the same time, the company’s implementation of "Project Manager" system, every single project from the planning to the subsequent maintenance services, by one or two of professional project managers for customer service, follow-up, arrangement and management, customer no longer deal with the complicated details, also greatly reduced because of the risk caused by the improper arrangements; this is a rare intimate with the industry services.
Today, our professional services, has led us into many of Hong Kong Internet service providers, TV stations, universities, multinational corporations, government agencies and charitable organizations and special network engineering contractors.

Our areas of expertise:
· Cat5e / Cat6 / Fiber optic
* Web links to test reports
* Cabinet installation and integration
* Network cable labeling and management of
* Network Connection
* Installation of electrical and backup power supplies
* The server room and computer room planning and construction (Hyperlink to server rooms, IT program)

Basic network connection diagram

Network equipment and network cable brands:
Wireless Network - portable player business network
Wireless technology in commercial applications are becoming more common. Apart from schools, government departments and social welfare organizations, the hotels, trade and import and export companies, in order to meet foreign customers like to carry laptop computers, PDAs, and even i-phone and other wireless devices the habit of visiting in recent years, the demand for wireless networks have also found increase. We provide wireless network configuration based services, and wireless networks with the existing solid line network integration planning, of course, we will be concerned about the impact of wireless network security, and we have to prepare a series of programs to address your concerns.

File server - to the Central Management
The first telecommunications program of professional consultants will help your company to establish the most basic and most primary servers - File servers. File servers are generally used for central storage of computer data, such as paper files, graphics files, sound files, image files, video files, and even database files and so on, easy on the Intranet, and the computer always log such information, the same time in order to Active Directory and other technologies effectively limit individual departments or staff login permissions.

Firewall - Network Anti-theft Security

Internet crime has led to increasing public awareness of network security issues turn on the alarm. The firewall on the network through the test flow of information, and to filter the data have potential risks, and can effectively reduce the network security threats. Firewall on the Internet and the trusted networks, called the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) areas, with different security and trust ratings to evaluate the risks, the situation is like building where the fire door, the same as used for blocking the fire and smoke.

Today’s technology, there are many ways to design have the same DMZ network. Here are two basic approaches: single-and dual Firewall Design Firewall Design

· Single-Firewall Design

· Double Firewall Design

Firewall Brand:

Software Development - equipped to meet the challenges of a broader width
GEO as a computer systems consultant can provide you with broad and innovative business IT program to help you achieve the specific operational requirements. We are experts in the following programs:
* Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
* Enterprise Resource Management System (ERP)
* Knowledge Management System Knowledge Management Strategy

Our business IT solutions combine your client consultation, sales contacts, bills, orders, work procedures, production planning, quotations, goods receiving records, inventory control systems, online order update / consulting and accounting systems to a single interface as a platform to enhance your operational efficiency and competitiveness, to meet the always changing business environment challenges.
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