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GEO Technology Co. Ltd.


Since its establishment in 1995, committed to different scale of businesses to provide the full range of high quality IT services and related equipments.  The major business includes IT Maintenance, Networking Engineering and Security, CCTV System, Access Control System, Alarm System, Telephone System/VoIP System and so a different range of work. To providing customers with an




Self storage, choice of diversification of their product, providing stable.  To provide reliable equipments at reasonable prices and improve after-sales services, is to establish long-term relationships with foundations, also to make our business forward.  After years of operation, GEO believe IT is a guest of one of the daily necessities of life, so we provide a full range of high-quality computer products and services , GEO is able to deliver targeted solutions to customers, which meet their quality, reliability, flexibility, and budgetary requirements.  Our Engineers seek to understand our client’s needs, respect our partners, and maintain a high level of personal and professional excellence.


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